We can do amazing things when we have to

Because most of us live in the land of abundance we don’t worry too much about waste. One example is water. Few of us give much thought to water and how we are going to have to deal with it as clean, usable water becomes scarcer and scarcer. Others are already dealing with the shortages and are doing some amazing things.

The other day I was speaking with someone who took a tour of Israel with an emphasis on their agriculture work. He told me about how valuable water was there and how much of their water is used and reused as clean water, grey water and black water. He also mentioned their extensive work in desalination of water to take advantage of all the salt water that is available.

Why are they so much further along than us? The simple answer is it’s because they have to be. We can all do some amazing things when we have to. Rather than using more and more, when a true shortage arises, we can figure out how to use less and less and be more efficient.

The shame is so many of us wait till we are desperate to try to find the solution as opposed to planning ahead, being prepared and making the smart decisions.

We can do amazing things when we have to but wouldn’t it be great if we did these amazing things because we choose to instead?

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