Starting over

I keep looking at a piece of software we have developed and wonder what to do with it.

We created it for one client to use and then have made major modifications to it based on other clients needs It’s a program that has a lot of uses and potential with further modification. The modifications would be a lot of work but open up many opportunities.

After giving this a lot of thought, I’m just going to scrap all of the coding and start over.

Instead of changing code, modifying the intended functionality and trying to figure out ways to make everything works, it makes more sense to start again, build for the new intended use and not try to make something do things it wasn’t originally intended. It will take longer (and short term the old programming will work), cost a bit more in terms of time and labor but long term we will end up with a much better piece of software.

Think about your business (and life) and see if there are things you keep fixing and modifying when you really should just replace them. At what point does your old car, that burns oil, gets terrible gas mileage and needs a lot of repairs make more sense to replace outright? At what point should you replace your old refrigerator that uses a ridiculous amount of energy with a new energy efficient model that will pay for itself in a few years?

It can be painful to start over but sometimes it’s just the right decision

Have a great day!


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