A definition of a rumor is “a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts”

If that is the definition of a rumor, why, if you hear a rumor would you ever consider repeating it? Why would you assume it has any credibility at all? Even if the person claims there are facts behind it, why would you not take the time to find out if these so called facts are actually true?

Recently someone sent me an email which is a great example of how rumors spread and are “verified”. It’s a joke but sadly is more true then we might want to admit. It starts with an Indian Chief (modern day) being asked by one of his tribesmen whether it’s going to be a cold winter. The Chief thought to himself “how would I know, I’m a businessman not a weatherman” but trying to live up to being an Indian Chief replied “yes, it will be a very cold winter”. The tribal member went off to collect wood for his fire. The next day the chief decided to call the weatherman and ask about the weather. The weatherman said it was going to be very cold. A couple of days another tribal member asked the same question and again the Chief said “yes it will be very cold”. The tribal member went off to collect a lot of wood. The Chief called the weatherman back and now the weatherman said “it will be extremely cold”. This happened yet again a few days later and this time, when the Chief called the weatherman and was again told it would be extremely cold the Chief asked the weatherman how he knew it was going to be extremely cold. The weatherman responded “because the Indians are collecting a lot of wood and they know these things”.

Just because something is repeated doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s sad when a person hears an unsubstantiated claim and believes it. It’s even sadder to repeat these type of unsubstantiated claims..

The next time you are told a rumor do a couple of things. First, tell the person you have no interest in participating in these type of things. Second, don’t repeat it. Third, feel pity on the person telling the rumor. It must be hard to be so narrow minded and so ignorant to participate in such things. They have to live with their ignorance, their naivete, their pettiness. Be fortunate in being able to be above those things.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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