Nick Saban
Sir Alex Ferguson
Mike Krzyzewski
Russ Rose

The names above are some of the top coaches in their sports. Their teams have been successful for long periods of times. They all put in a lot of work, long hours and combined with many other factors, they have each had a lot of success.

When they get a new player, or a new team, they don’t spend a couple of days training them and then move onto the next project. They are continuously training, evaluating, managing, correcting, reevaluating etc

If they see training and managing as something that continues throughout the entire year why do many organizations think they can hire new employees, provide a couple of days of training and then assume they are done? Training, evaluating, retraining, reevaluating etc is an ongoing process that should never end.

The day training ends, growth most likely ends as well and complacency starts in. If that is the case, are your employees beginning their complacency within a couple of weeks of their start date? If so, isn’t that sad?

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