Some people want to keep everything quiet regarding a project until they feel it is perfect.

Others ask for feedback from others from the very beginning.

One isn’t right and the other isn’t wrong but there are a lot of advantages to getting feedback early. You can get validation you are in the right direction. You can learn of other ways to do things. You can hear that something is a bad idea (not that this means you should automatically stop doing it but it’s valuable to hear that).

Recently, I have been showing people a rough version of a new program. The feedback has been interesting because we have heard ideas on how to use the program we never would have thought of. We have heard suggestions for features we hadn’t even considered. We have received suggestions and offers to help market in way we wouldn’t have had access. All this simply because we were willing to ask for feedback.

Sometimes feedback can hurt but overall, it’s been a very positive experience.

Be willing to ask for feedback

Have a great day!


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