Difficult is easy, easy is difficult

It’s easy to make something difficult. It’s much more difficult to make something easy.

Unfortunately, most people choose what is easy for them and this results in processes that are difficult for others.

As an example, we can look at grocery stores check out processes. It’s easy to make people stand in line and then have a cashier scan each item and then you bag the groceries and leave. This is an easy process to design and for that reason, has been used for many years. It’s more difficult to devise a self checkout process that works for everyone (some stores are going away from self check out because of the difficulties that have arisen and also the loss by theft). The grocery store I typically shop at has self checkout and it works relatively well EXCEPT when it doesn’t. Occasionally it detects something is wrong at which point the shopper has to wait for the clerk to clear the problem. If a person has a lot of groceries they don’t make it easy to bag the groceries in the small space that is allocated. Would it be possible to design a more efficient method of checkout? Yes but it would also be difficult to make it easy.

When looking at your organization are you taking the easy way out and making it difficult for others or can you spend the time (and sometimes money) to do the difficult thing and make it easy for the end user?

Anyone can make things difficult. It’s difficult to make things easy but if you can do it, it’s well worth it

Have a great day!


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