The doctor mentions the word “cancer” and terrible things go through your mind.


Speaking from experience when you hear the word cancer, whether it’s your own health or the health of someone you care about, nothing positive goes through your mind.

Now there is hope. Perseus Personalized Cancer Immunotherapeutics has a possible cure for many types of cancers. Rather than using some type of poison (aka Chemotherapy) to try to kill the cancer cells (while also killing many other things in you as well) Perseus uses your own cancer cells, combined with your own blood to utilize your own immune system to kill the cancer cells. It’s one of the most logical approaches imaginable. Because it’s using your own immune system, the only side effects are a slight fever (which is your bodies way of letting you know it’s working)

Does it work for all cancers? No.

Is it currently covered by insurance? No.

If it worth looking into if you, or someone you know has cancer? Absolutely!

This isn’t a case of me coming across a web site and thinking “wow, this is pretty cool, I should tell people about this”. I have spent time with the people behind Perseus and truly believe they have something that will save many lives.

To learn more please go to and check it out for yourself. To get more information you can call them at 888-979-7402.

Please share this with anyone you know who might find it helpful.

Have a great day!


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