You go to a nice restaurant, have great food, nice atmosphere, wonderful company but the hostess treats you poorly…the experience is a failure.

You check into a hotel, the room is clean, the price is reasonable, the services are excellent but the person at the front desk is disrespectful….the experience is a failure.

You go to a web site and they are selling the product you want, at a good price and with reasonable shipping but the process to purchase doesn’t work well….the experience is a failure.

We need to spend more time thinking about the users experience when they are trying to do business with us. If 9 our of 10 things are excellent but 1 thing is poor, the users experience is bad.

While a chain is only as good as it’s weakest link, the user experience is only as good as the worst part of the experience. Make sure all phases of the experience are positive ones and their overall user experience will be positive

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