Substance over style

Today I have a presentation with a large company to demonstrate a new software program we are developing. The back end of the program is fully developed but only a few of the interfaces are working.

In showing this program to a designer he thought it was a terrible idea showing this type of programming without the design finalized. In his mind, it’s the design that will sell the program.

My view is the exact opposite. While design is important, the thing people really care about is functionality. Does it work? Does it do what you want and need? Does it make things easier? Is it affordable? If the answer is yes to all (or most) of these things the design can come later. On the other hand, if something looks great but doesn’t work, doesn’t help the end user and isn’t able to satisfy the needs of the user, it wont get very far

While this is true for software development, it’s true for most other things as well. A great looking PowerPoint might be nice but having the right numbers that provide accurate information in a simple excel file can be just as effective.

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