How much is integrity worth?

Yesterday a person was telling me about his experience at a local gas station. He took his car in to get the brakes replaced (which is what he felt was needed based on the performance of the vehicle) and when he told the people at the gas station that was what he needed, they took a look at it and found that he just needed a minor adjustment instead of having the brakes completely replaced. They made the adjustment and didn’t even charge for the work done.

Car repair places have such a bad reputation for recommending work that isn’t needed so to hear this is quite refreshing. When this person does need repairs done, is there any question where he will be going? If someone asks him for a recommendation, do you think he would consider recommending anywhere else?

This gas station is one of the most expensive in the area but they do a LOT of business based on their integrity and quality of work (and my guess is anyone reading this from the Charleston WV area knows which station I’m referring to)

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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