Are you using the right tools?

I started to learn how to cook around 5 years ago. I used the tools I had acquired over the years and thought they were fine. I had a “block of knives” from some department store for cutting. I had a small wok for stir frying.

Recently I have replaced these items. Instead of the beginner knife set I now have a nice set of ceramic knives. Instead of the small wok I had I now have a big electric wok (since I have an electric stove I didn’t realize a regular wok isn’t very effective). All of a sudden, I find it much easier, faster and better to cook. I can cut things quicker and cleaner, I can cook things at a much higher heat allowing for a proper searing of the foods.

This caused me to start thinking. In what other parts of my life (and other peoples lives) am I using inadequate tools? I met with a company two weeks ago that had an employee spending more than 10 hours a week more than she should scanning documents. Why was she wasting that much time? She had a scanner that was inadequate. She wasn’t trying to waste time but rather, she didn’t have the right tools. How much time and money can this company save, over the course of a year by paying a few hundred dollars more for a proper scanner?

Take a look at your work and your life and see if you are using the proper tools. It’s easy to say “well it’s worked so why bother changing?: but if you can save time, save effort, save money and be more productive by using the right tools, shouldn’t you?

Have a great day!


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