When people don’t know about something they frequently go to others for advice. In theory this is a good idea but in practice, people need to be careful about who they go to.

It’s easy to assume that because someone knows more than you about a particular subject that they must be knowledgeable but the truth of the matter is a little knowledge isn’t necessarily better than no knowledge at all. Those with a little knowledge who give the impression they have a lot of knowledge are extremely dangerous because their advice is given as if it was fact.

When you go to someone for advice, don’t just look for someone who knows more than you. Look for someone who knows a LOT. Also, look for someone who has no incentive in the process. You don’t want to ask a salesperson whether you should buy their product. Know whether there is an incentive for the person giving you advice to to give self serving advice or not.

Good advice is good. Not all advice is good advice

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