Act like you have been there before

This past weekend Butler played Gonzaga in men’s basketball. It was a wonderful game played by two excellent teams. Butler won on a last second (to be more accurate a last tenth of a second) shot after a steal at half court. This was a big win for them (not only was Gonzaga ranked higher but Butler was playing without it’s leading scorer who was out with an injury). When the game ended, the Butler players were incredibly excited, the fans ran onto the field…and the coach walked over to congratulate the opposing coach on a game well played and looked the exact same as he did at any other time. While this was a great win, he has had many other great wins and to him there was no reason to act any differently. He had been there before, and my guess is it’s one reason his teams tend to win games like that. He doesn’t panic, he doesn’t get too excited and they know exactly what is expected of them.

When something good happens, act like you have been there before. It makes it a lot easier to get back there again the next time

Have a great day!


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