We all have patterns in our lives. Whether it’s the people we date, the jobs we take, the food we eat or other parts of our lives inevitably, we start to follow some sort of a pattern.

The advantage of following these patterns is it allows us to be more comfortable. We know what to expect, we know what is expected, we tend to know the final outcome.

The same reason we follow these patterns is why we shouldn’t do so. The fact that we are comfortable and know what to expect means we aren’t going to expand our world and grow as a person. Taking the easy way out is comfortable but harmful for our long term success.

Some of these patterns are big (people dating or marrying abusive people because it’s what they have always done) others are small (taking the same vacation each time because you know what to expect and because of this, never experiencing anything new).

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize these patterns and once they are recognized, it’s even more difficult to try something different. There is no guarantee you will always like the different things you try once you break the patterns but the alternative is to never try anything new and wouldn’t that be awful?

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