Look beyond the first impression

We all are familiar with the expression “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” but the truth is we do this every day. Interestingly, this “first impression” is frequently correct (Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this in his wonderful book “Blink”). When evaluating people, I think we have to be careful with this initial judgment because it might be quite deceptive.

As an example, around 15 years ago I met a person who, at first, seemed quite interesting. He had opinions on a variety of topics, could speak on various subjects and seemed to be somewhat of an intellect. The problem was (and still is) that 2 minutes after meeting this person, you realize there is no depth. He is the equivalent of a newspaper with only headlines. It might generate some interest but then there is nothing there. Every couple of years I run into this person and the same thing happens.

Other people are the exact opposite. They might seem to be shallow or somewhat lacking but when you dig deeper you realize there is a lot more there.

The person with the good facade might get a lot more attention but the person with the depth is the one worth spending time with. It’s not always easy finding the person with depth but it’s definitely worth trying.

Have a great day!


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