It seems nice, but…

It’s easy to look at someone with a big house or who travels to exotic locations and think how wonderful things must be but it’s important to realize we only see part of reality. The reality is the many years of hard work, sacrifice, dedication it took to get to a certain point (and this is assuming the big house and glamorous life are real and not a result of mortgaging the future to look more important than they really are))

In many cases, the reality is the many years of 12, 14 even 16 hour days of work, the work travel that meant being away from family and friends, the many sacrifices they made etc. In many cases, these sacrifices went on for years and years before they finally were at a point where they could slow down (and in many cases, their version of “slowing down” still involves working late into the night, and even when they aren’t “at work” they are still dealing with work issues remotely).

The problem many people have is they want to start at the level they see successful people at now and don’t want to make the tremendous sacrifices to get to where they think these people are.

Having balance in ones life is important but if you are involved with starting up a new business and want it to be successful, balance might have to be a goal for down the road.

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