Whose problem is it?

I received two invitations for conference calls today which were difficult for me to open because they were sent with the assumption I use either Outlook or Google Calender. Because I choose to use a different type of a calender it made it difficult for me to receive the information. Because I have dealt with this before I was able to come up with a solution but it’s definitely a problem.

The question is, whose problem is it?

It would be easy for me to blame others because they aren’t using something that works with my software but the truth is I’m the one who chooses to use something that is different than what most use. While I have my reasons for using an alternative I also have to accept that things wont always work smoothly when trying to work with others and their systems.

I believe this is extremely important to keep in mind if you choose to go against the norm. Just the other day I had a conversation with someone who was upset because he couldn’t find a software program that would work with his computer because he chooses to use linux as his operating system (as opposed to most people who are using some version of Windows or IOS). This person felt that software providers should make sure everything can run on linux as well as Windows and IOS even though an incredibly small number of people use that as their operating system. The thing to remember is if you choose to do things differently, you are the one that will have to adapt, not everyone else.

Is it worth trying new systems and new methods even if it means something wont work as smoothly as they would if you used something more traditional? Certainly! Just don’t expect everyone to adapt for you.

Have a great day!


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