Time to market

Things that used to take 10 years might now only take 6 months to develop. Technology allows us to do things much quicker than we ever could have in the past. This is difficult for people to understand since no one cares if it took them 10 years to develop when someone else only spent a few months. No one will pay more for the years of effort because all anyone will pay for is the final product

Even if the new technology will allow development to go much quicker, there are some advantages to having spent the longer time period in development. With all of the short cuts available it allows for development without fully understanding how everything works. The person who built things from the ground up will know how everything works. The person who used short cuts might be able to make things work but will have more difficulties if things don’t work right.

Time to market is much quicker now than before but the question is, does expertise come with this speed?

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