Teamwork and Penguins

Can groups work together so all can benefit or does it have to be a “survival of the fittest” and “last man standing” world?

During blizzards penguins will huddle together to share warmth and through their own type of a rotation, will move around so the ones who might start in the middle of the huddle (and get the most warmth) will eventually rotate out toward the outside while the ones who started on the outside will rotate toward the middle to get warmer.

If penguins can do this (and we don’t know their “thought process” so don’t know if this is intentional teamwork or a selfish behavior that happens to work for all involved) why can’t or wont humans? Why do we have to look at things as a zero sum game? Why can’t we look at the greater good?

Am I advocating a form of communism? Not from a political side (people who know me know I can’t stand politics so I don’t advocate anything involving politics) but I do believe if our community, as a whole, gets stronger, each of us as individuals will also get stronger.

In an indirect way this relates back to a quote that I try to refer to as much as possible “a genius is a person who surrounds himself with people smarter than himself” So often, people are afraid to be around smart people because they might not appear as smart as the others. The better way to look at this is by surrounding yourself with smart people, it can only make you smarter. Those who are afraid to be exposed as not being the brightest don’t grow as people. Those who want to be exposed to new ideas, bright people etc, will continue to grow, continue to get stronger and will be better for it, in the long run.

Surround yourself with the brightest people you can, work together as a group and you will all prevail

Don’t underestimate the penguin method!

Have a great day!


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  1. Bees do this also when they cluster during cold weather. You make an interesting point, Lawrence. One well worth thinking about some more. Thank you!

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