Skills or Character?

When hiring a new employee (or taking on a new partner) do you care more about their skills or their character?

It seems many organizations are all about the skills (which is why resumes, applications, skill testing is so important) and not much about the character. The problem with this is their character is who they truly are. It’s about their integrity, work ethic, personality etc.

A highly skilled person with bad character will pull your organization down. They might have the skills to do something but it takes much more than that. Sadly, it’s difficult to change a person with bad character.

A person with great character and the ability to learn the skillset is much more valuable in the long run.

A person with great character can also develop great skills. A person with bad character and great skills will always be a bad character.

Make sure when hiring or taking on s partner to emphasize the persons character. The rest can be developed

Have a great day!


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