If you don’t like something, ignore it

I have been reading the comments on a blog that I follow for a post about a job opening for an IOS prototyper (this would be someone who could create prototypes for iPhone and iPad apps). The position would report directly to the head of the company and would work this person on a daily basis. This is an EXTREMELY successful company and the person who runs it (which would also be the person this prototyper would be working with) is successful, and innovative and the only reason he doesn’t think outside the box is I don’t believe he knows where the box even is.

The reason these comments are so interesting to me is many of the posters feel he isn’t offering enough in pay (the number he put in was $100,000 as a starting point for discussions). There are a bunch of comments about this being extremely low for someone with the skillsets that are being required. None of these people seem to take into consideration the opportunity to work on a daily basis with an innovative thinker who is a great networker and is extremely successful. While there are a number of reasons why a person should be willing to work for less pay for the right opportunity (and it’s not a case of this exactly being minimum wage type compensation) the real question that keeps coming to my mind is…if someone doesn’t think it’s enough money then they shouldn’t apply.

Why do people feel the need to complain about a salary being offered if they have no interest in applying for the job? Why do we think our opinion is so important that we feel obligated to post on someone elses blog or web site? (yes I do realize there is some irony to me complaining about people feeling the need to share all of their opinions when I do this every day on this blog but a big difference is I do it on MY OWN BLOG and don’t feel the need to try to take over some one elses blog to express my opinions).

If you don’t like something, don’t do it. If you don’t like a piece of art, don’t buy it. Don’t feel obligated to tell everyone why it’s “so bad” (especially since something might be bad to one person and great to someone else). If you don’t like a music group, don’t listen to their music. You don’t have to tell everyone why you don’t like it.

Have a great day!


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