If you worked at a car dealership would you steal one of their cars off their lot?

If you worked at a computer store, would you steal a computer if no one was looking?

If you worked at a bank, would you steal their money?

I would think that most people reading this would answer no to all of the above questions (and similar ones in their field).

The question is, why don’t people understand that stealing time is the same thing as stealing goods. Whether you are playing Farmville, competing with a friend with Words With Friends, spending time on Facebook, or anything else on your computer, if it’s not’s part of your job and you are doing it on work time, it’s stealing.

Stealing of time takes place without technology as well. If you are taking a “smoke break” every hour and it’s not an authorized break, you are stealing time.

It’s the rare person who spends every working moment fully focused and it is extremely important to take breaks and interact with others but realize that at some point it goes from taking a quick break to the stealing of your companies time.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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