Make it significant

There are many opportunities to make things slightly better.

The problem is, slightly better isn’t significant enough to cause people to change.

As an example, when the iPhone first came out it wasn’t a slight improvement on other cell phones, it completely changed the way people used their phones. This resulted in many people switching to an iPhone. Now, there are phones out there that are rated better than the iPhone but while they may or may not be better, they aren’t significantly better so it’s not resulting in significantly switching of their user base. It wont be till someone does something significantly different that people will change.

There are numerous athletic camps competing with each other for the attention (and money) of future campers. Most are doing similar things to the others. If someone wants to take over this market, they should do something significantly different (and better).

Making a better mousetrap can be done but don’t expect a huge following. Instead, find something to replace the mousetrap in your industry and people might take notice

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