Keep or not

Maintaining the status quo is always the easy decision.

Unfortunately the easy decision is not always the right decision.

What if we did a complete inventory of our organization. If we have multiple divisions what if we made each division justify their existence on a regular basis? In the same way that we might take a deep look at a company before considering investing in it, shouldn’t we do the same for what we currently have?

What if we did an evaluation of the organizational chart? First, we would look at whether it’s organized properly (and properly does not necessarily mean “the way we always have done it”). Next, once we have the chart set up properly, the next question is whether we have the right people in the right position. As an example,if you have a director of sales, would you hire the person currently in that position if they were applying today? If you have an assistant coach, would you hire that person for that job today?

Doing this type of an evaluation on a regular basis is an interesting exercise that might reveal some things you never would have expected.

Have a great day!


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