How to make sure you win

People like to win. There are s number of ways to make sure you win.

One easy way to make sure you win is to make sure you compete against inferior opponents. Watching college football it’s easy to see some teams schedule down to get the best records.

It’s interesting to see how some people take a different approach. In women’s volleyball they have the Nike Big Four Classic early in the season. This year it was four traditional giants of women’s volleyball (Penn State, Stanford, Texas and Florida). By getting these four teams together it allows them to see where they stand against the other top teams. All four teams enter knowing it might result in them losing (possibly multiple times) but the risk is worth it for them. Each of these teams could schedule easier games that weekend (and could guarantee “success”) but these teams want to be the best and know they potentially can get more out of a loss against another power vs a win against a lesser opponent.

Whether you are scheduling athletic matches or comparing your business against other businesses you can make yourself look good or you can challenge yourself and see how good you really are.

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