People like to get feedback (especially if it’s positive feedback). The challenge is to get objective feedback.

It’s easy to ask people you are close to for their feedback but the problem is those people tend to be the least objective. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, they want you to like them, they aren’t objective.

If you have a product and people keep looking at it and telling you they love it BUT they don’t buy it, then you are receiving two different types of feedback. The first is what they say and the second is what they do. If many people say they love it but don’t buy either they aren’t being truthful in what they are saying or you are showing it to the wrong people (if you are selling something the opinions of people who have no interest in buying that type of a product isn’t nearly as valuable as those who are potential buyers)

If you have an investment and everyone you present it to you says it a wonderful opportunity but no one writes a check, their words might say one thing but their actions are saying something very different. Either they aren’t as impressed as they say they are or they shouldn’t be your target market.

Feedback comes in different forms. Make sure you are getting the honest feedback from the right people. Otherwise, you might be helping your ego but you aren’t helping anything else with the feedback you are getting.

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