I had an appointment to see an optometrist yesterday. Just a regular eye exam. The appointment was for 9AM (first appointment of the day for this doctor).

When I checked in at the desk, I was told he was running a few minutes late because he was “running some errands”. He showed up 15 minutes late and then took another person first (who had an emergency from the day before but this wasn’t told to me until after they took him back). I waited 5 minutes and then told the person at the front desk I was leaving because I had a schedule that I had to keep.

I fully understand a doctor taking an emergency over a regular check up but showing up late and not notifying people is completely unacceptable.

Thirty minutes after I left the doctor called me to apologize. I give him credit for calling me directly and not having someone else call for him but he then compounded the problem by saying “just let us know when you want to reschedule and we will put you ahead of whomever is scheduled for that time”.

In other words, he was saying that since he was late for my appointment and inconvenienced me he would allow me to inconvenience someone else by taking their time and making them wait! In his mind that might have made sense. In my mind, it made sense to start looking for another doctor.

Respect other peoples time. Most people will understand emergencies but other than emergencies, you don’t have the right to waste anyone’s time other than your own

Have a great day!


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