Accomplishment vs Recognition

What is more important to you accomplishment or recognition?

Accomplishment would be getting things done.

Recognition would be having people know what you have done or are doing.

It seems more and more people are interested in recognition over accomplishment. They would rather say “look at me, I’m special” than do something that is truly special.

As an example, we frequently hear about former professional athletes going bankrupt, losing everything, getting in trouble etc. Many times these are the type who need to live the glamorous life and have everyone know what they are doing. We don’t hear about all of the former athletes who are more about accomplishment than recognition. The other day I was asked to contact a potential client by a mutual acquaintance. I looked up this person and found out that living approximately one hour from me is a former major league baseball player who went on to be an MD and a PhD and serves on the board of at least two different universities. While these accomplishments are impressive, even more impressive is he seems to be more about the accomplishments (being an athlete, being involved in education, making a difference in medicine etc) than in people knowing about these accomplishments (which is why I’m not putting his name in this email)

If more people were about accomplishment as opposed to recognition, I think we would all be better off (and people would spend less time tweeting everything they have done)

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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