When abnormal becomes the norm

Daily sales are down 10% over the past year.

Web traffic to the web site is up 15% every day this month.

The stock is staying steady at 7% above previous average.

There comes a point where the abnormal becomes the normal. If sales are down 10% from the past average, that is now the new average. If traffic is up 15% than that new high is the new average. If the stock is staying steady at 7% than that is the new average.

It might not seem like this is a big deal but when you readjust your average, you now have a new baseline. It’s easy to say “give it time and business will get back to where it was” but while waiting for it to return to that level, if you don’t make other adjustments, you might go out of business. If you keep thinking that sales are 15% above average you wont push for sales to get even higher than the new average.

It’s important to understand when abnormal becomes the norm because until you do so, you wont know when to make other adjustments.

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