One point vs Two points

People like to talk about goal setting. Some people actually set goals. A few even strive to achieve their goals.

If we think of where we currently are as a point (this can be where we are as individuals, or as organizations) we can go in any direction from this one point. The options are endless. Frequently we take two steps in one direction, three steps in another direction, one in a third direction and two in a fourth direction. We took a lot of steps but didn’t really go anywhere.

If we have a second point (a target we want to get to) then there is one direction to go. It allows us (forces us) to go forward if we want to get to that point.

Think of this second point as a goal. The goal gives us direction, focus and a target.

If you don’t know where your second point is, take some time to set your goals and figure out where you are trying to go. This will allow you to then figure out the best way to get there.

Without the second point, we just go aimlessly.

Have a great day!


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