Making a presentation

When making a presentation there are a few things to keep in mind

There is a value to other peoples time. Presenting to 5 people for an hour takes up 5 hours. If you can reduce it to 30 minutes, the time used is much less.

People want to hear about themselves. Tell them how things will help them. If you are a college coach and are recruiting a high school player, telling them how they can help you win more games wont help. Tell them how you can help them (win championships, get an education, prepare for the future etc)

If you are using a power point presentation (or something similar) if the people can read the slides and know the content without listening to the presentation, then you aren’t needed

Quickly let them know what they will be hearing, then present then summarize.

While trying to keep things as short as possible, do allow for questions (either at the end or throughout)

Speak in a language everyone can understand (this means using terms that the audience will be familiar with)

Respect the audience enough to know them. This relates to the point above about speaking their language. Know how technical the presentation can be (or can’t be)

If you have paperwork to distribute know when you want to distribute it. If you pass it out in the beginning you risk them reading while you are speaking. If you have something you want read in advance, give enough time for them to read through it (consider sending a day early)

If there is some type of non disclosure agreement to be signed, provide that with enough advance notice for the people to have reviewed and to sign (or to decide not to sign)

I’m sure there are many others but recently I have been involved in a number of presentations where some (and in a couple of cases, all) of these points have been broken

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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