We all know people. We know some people who need things. We know some people who can provide things.

The question is, do you try to help these people connect? Sometimes there might be a benefit in doing this but more often than not there isn’t. Other than being a nice person, there is no direct benefit to you.

Many people might say they would help with the connection, many might even think they already do these type of things but do they really?

Recently I have been trying to go out of my way to help make these connections for others. The biggest surprise has been how little effort is required to make a big difference for others. The biggest challenge has been finding the connections. In the cases I have been able to help, I have known the people to connect but the difficulty has been figuring out the best people to connect. The time spent researching the right people has been well worth it knowing it helps others but I want a better way. There might be software out there that would help but the things I have tried didn’t do what I want.

Because of this, we are going to create two new software programs. One will be used for individuals and groups to make better, and more effective, connections. The other one will help companies make better connections with potential employees and will allow people looking for work to possibly connect with more companies.

The purpose if this post isn’t to talk about new technology. I’m hoping that people will take a little bit more time and figure out how to help others make a connection. If you are fortunate someone might do the same for you someday.

Have a great day!


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