47 million people might be wrong

I read recently that 47 million people go to one of the 4 Disney theme works each year. Although I have never been to a Disney park I’m sure people have fun there.

Whenever I go hiking I inevitably have a “Disney moment”.

A “Disney moment” to me is when I see something and think “nature is amazing, Disney could never create something like this”.

Labor day weekend I went hiking with a couple of people at the New River Gorge ( http://www.nps.gov/neri/index.htm). The trails are nice and the final views truly are breathtaking. No matter how many smart people a company has or how much money they put into a project there is no way humans can replicate what is out in nature.

This past Saturday I went hiking in Kanawha State Forest (http://www.kanawhastateforest.com/). Walking through nature is a combination of relaxing, awe inspiring and educational. While people make these experiences better by creating trails etc, humans can’t create what has developed in nature over the course of centuries.

I’m sure people enjoy their experiences at the various theme parks but I have no doubt that they can have as much fun, if not more, at any of the many natural parks around the world.

Next time you are thinking of a day trip or a longer vacation, consider a state or national park, or the equivalent. Even when going for longer than a day, many parks have lodging opportunities ranging from camping to very nice lodges.

Deep down I like the fact so many people go to theme parks, it means the nature parks are usually very quiet.

Have a great day!


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