1000th Post

Yesterday was my 1000th blog post. There are very few “comments” posted to the blog but I do receive a fair amount of email responses to the various posts.

Some interesting (at least to me) information about the blog. As some people know, you can read this blog at http://lawrencefineblogs.com/ or receive it via email (sign up at http://lawrencefineblogs.com/subscribe/) or it can be read through an rss reader. Of the people who receive it via email, the average “open rate” (people who receive the email and open it) ranges between 80%-90% (which all research shows is an extremely high number). Between the opened emails and the unique visitors each day, the posts are read by between 3000-4000 people each day. The highest open rate I can remember was around 350% which meant people received the email, opened it and forwarded it on (or opened a number of times)

One comment I receive a good deal is “your posts are thought provoking but not really earth shattering”. I take that as a compliment because I’m simply trying to get people to think. You might agree, you might disagree but if you think about what I write, it’s a success. Some people might be capable of coming up with something earth shattering every day but I certainly can’t.

It’s interesting to me the times that people read these posts. First of all, in case anyone is wondering, I can see how many people open an email but not who they are (if I wanted to pay for some tracking software I could but it’s not of interest to me and seems a bit invasive). A good number of the emails are opened in the first hour and I do realize it’s a bit deceptive because while they get sent (typically) at 6:06AM that is eastern time and there are subscribers from different parts of the world but for those in the US, this means they are waking up early and reading emails. I’m not sure what that means but to me, it’s interesting.

Below I’m going to paste the first post I made. I was wanting to explain what the blog was about and in looking back to what was originally posted, I think it’s accurate 1000 posts later.

Welcome to the Lawrence Fine Blog. I wish I could explain exactly what this blog will be about but that would require having a true plan.

Some of the things that will be covered include Motivation, Time Management, Success, Leadership, Customer Service and much, much more.

Some postings might be irreverent, some might even be irrelevant but I think most people will find them informative.

Those who know me will realize that you might see the occasional spelling mistake, grammar ‘issue’ or other minor problem but they will also know I write as I speak and that is what you get.

Rather than having to come back to the blog to see when it’s updated, you can subscribe to the email newsletter, which is simply each article as they are written. You wont see any comments that are made but the general posts will be sent via email as well.

I can be contacted via email using the form at http://lawrencefine.com/contact.php if you have any questions.

As always, have a great day!


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