Your Problems

It’s easy to generalize your problems to make them seem like everyones problems but that doesn’t make it true.

“There are no good employees here so we are going to move”. What this really means is this particular company isn’t capable of finding good employees based on them looking in the wrong place, under paying for the job not having good benefits or any number of other possibilities. Just because a person says it, doesn’t mean it’s true for all.

“No houses are selling these days”. This could mean anything from the house is in bad shape to the house is overpriced to the house is being marketed poorly. While an individuals house might not be selling, there are houses being sold.

“There are no jobs out there”. This might mean there are no jobs for people who sit on their butts and wait for others to reach out to them. There are jobs out there for people who are willing to make some sacrifices and find them.

“There is nothing to do in this town”. Some places are more exciting than others and have more things to do but every town, city, community etc has things to do IF you are willing to look.

Remember, just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean others can’t do them either

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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