One problem many people have with priorities is miscalculating how short term priorities might be affecting long term priorities.

Using Maslows hierarchy of needs as an example, the Physiological needs such as breathing, food, water etc have to be given a very high priority and without a doubt these are immediate, short term priorities.

The problem is if 100% of the time is spent on these short term physiological needs a person can never work their way up the pyramid to get to the higher levels such as Safety, Love/belonging/Esteem/Self Actualization.

If we focus all of our time on these higher levels we will die (esteem is nice to have but without food it’s somewhat useless). If we focus all of our time on the lower levels we don’t grow.

In business we need to look both short term and long term as well. If we can’t pay our bills, we go out of business but if we don’t look toward long term growth, we will always be looking to survive the next day.

This is a difficult thing to balance for many people but if they don’t learn to do so, they are bound to fail.

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