Advanced Notice

I have a paid account with Pandora Internet Radio and this morning I received an email letting me know that in two weeks my account will need to be renewed and that they will be charging my credit card for X amount at that time. They went on to show which credit card account (just the last four numbers) would be charged and also gave the step by step process for canceling my account if I were to choose to do so.

I felt their approach was truly wonderful.

The alternative approach seems to be what most other companies choose to go with. They simply charge the credit card on file and then either do nothing or they send a confirmation after the payment has been received. I believe they do this to make it less likely that a person would cancel their membership.

Maybe the alternative approach gets one more payment from their members but isn’t it better to make the members know you really care about them and want you to stay because of their services rather than hope you stay because you forgot about them?

While Pandora told me how easy it is to cancel, I’m definitely going to renew and will continue to recommend their company and their service to others

Have a great day!


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