What is the logic behind hazing the new people in a group?

Why does anyone think the best way for people to feel part of a group is to treat them like crap and make them “earn their way in”?

High school athletic teams will treat the younger players poorly, make them carry the equipment, make them feel like lesser beings and the best answers most of the upper classmen can give when asked why they do this is “it’s the way we have always done things” or “we had to go through this so they should too”.

What would happen if someone instead said “wait, I hated that experience, it made me feel inferior, I didn’t like the people who made me do that and I don’t want others to experience the same thing”?

If you are a senior member of the organization be willing to say “NO, we aren’t doing that anymore”. If you are a new member say “NO, I won’t allow you to treat me that way”.

Best case scenario is you can change some stupid traditions for yourself and others. Worse case scenario is they won’t want you as a member because they want to retain stupid traditions

The way I see it, either decision is a win vs the old way of doing things!

Have a great day!


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