Delusions of Grandeur

It’s easy to mistakenly think that what we are doing, or who we are, is really important in the overall scheme of things.

The truth is, with very few exceptions, we aren’t.

I know that if I stop writing this blog, some people might miss it, some might be happy and most wouldn’t care. If I were to think what I was doing was having a truly profound effect on the world would be somewhat delusional.

It’s easy to make that mistake in all aspects of our lives. It’s easy to think if we left our job, the company would collapse (if Apple can survive Steve Jobs dying, I think your company can survive your leaving as well). It’s easy to think we are indispensable but the truth is, there are very few, if any, people who are truly indispensable.

Before you delude yourself into thinking you are indispensable, realize that there were people either doing what we are doing (or something very similar) before is, and there will be people after us.

Can we make a difference in this world? YES. Will the world keep going forward without us? Yes

In the overall scheme of things, we can make a difference but shouldn’t confuse making a difference with being indispensable.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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