Build it back better

I have been out of state the past 8 days and was fortunate to have been gone for the the terrible storm that hit our region last Friday. When you combine 100 degree weather with a loss of power for up to week, it’s pretty bad.

A few people have sent me pictures of the damage done to my deck. Based on the pictures, either a tree fell on it or some big branches fell on it. Either way, the deck that I used to spend most evenings on is now history.

As one friend said when we spoke on the phone yesterday “think of the good news, you can now build a better deck and now know just how much you use it, how you use it and what you would do differently”. Instead of thinking of the negative he turned it around and thought about how to make it better (admittedly, he isn’t the one who will have to pay for this).

How can you turn your negatives into positives? There are some things that can’t be turned into positives but for most of us, a setback is simply a way of showing there is a better way.

One could think of this similar to weight training. To get your muscles stronger you first have to break them down so they can grow back stronger. When something breaks down, find a way to build it back better.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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