Somehow people seem to be under the impression that the more complex something is, the better it is.

The truth is that in many cases, doing things simply is MUCH better than complex

With a web site, if a page is so complex that it takes more than a second or two to figure out it’s purpose, most people will leave. Adding more doesn’t necessarily make things better but it frequently does make things more confusing.

The challenge is it’s sometimes very difficult to make things appear simple. In grade school the longer a paper the more we dreaded having to write it. In “real life” it’s frequently more difficult to make something appear shorter and simpler. As an example, the book Atlas Shrugged is a very long book (I believe over 1000 pages) and summarizing it down to 50 pages would be doable. Summarizing it down to 2 pages is much more difficult and summarizing it into one sentence would be a true challenge.

Making things appear simple takes a great deal of planning, thought and talent but your customers, potential customers and everyone else will greatly appreciate it

Have a great day!


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