Person of Importance vs Important Person

When dealing with the public it’s easy to say things like “we treat everyone the same”, “everyone is special”. The reality is people are different and while it’s important to treat everyone fairly, it doesn’t mean everyone is equal.

Some people might be considered a Person of Importance. An example might be a politician, business executive, community leader etc. These people are the type that get noticed, get publicity and might be invited to an opening or some other type of event.

Other people might be considered an Important Person. An example might be a customer who buys on a consistent basis, a person who brings in business etc.

In some cases a Person of Importance might also be an Important Person but in many cases they aren’t.

It’s easy to spot a Person of Importance but most successful business owners realize that the Important People are the ones who make them successful

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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