I was wrong…and then listened

Yesterday I made a presentation for a new piece of software to a very successful person in the industry our software is targeting. The software wasn’t complete because we wanted to let this person have some input to the final design.

The surprise was this person had absolutely no interest in our new software. The reasons ranged from it was too similar to other programs on the market to it was targeting the wrong part of her business.

My initial reaction was to want to argue with her and explain why she really should want this software. Instead, we started talking about her industry and what she really needed. Rather than telling her what she needed, I listened as she told me what would really help her. It ends up that while the approach we were taking was wrong, the program could be easily redone to provide this person, and others in the industry, something much more powerful than any of us imagined.

I will admit that it hurt a bit to hear that I was wrong in the initial purpose of the software but by putting that to the side, we will be able to create something much better.

Sometimes it’s best to admit you are wrong and shut up and listen.

Have a great day.


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