There is an incredible amount of data that is available these days. Much of this information is available, in some form or other, to whomever knows how to access it.

To some extent the people with the most information have an advantage but because of how much information we all have available to us, it’s even more important to be able to manipulate data as it is to have the data in the first place.

Most people can sort data but the key is to figure out how different types of data interact. The difficulty isn’t in the technology to make them interact but rather in knowing how different sets of data work together.

As a simple example, having a list of email addresses might be nice. Having a list of previous customers would be even nicer. If you can combine the two to get the email addresses of previous customers then you have something of real value.

People tend to think of data manipulation as being difficult. The real difficulty is in knowing what data you want to manipulate and why

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