When speaking with you, are you listening to the speaker or are you thinking of your response?

If you are thinking of your response, do you really believe you are getting everything out of the discussions as you should? Is this yet another time we think we can multi task better than we really can?

It seems that really intelligent people tend to have a slight delay when it’s their turn to speak. Is this because they are the ones who are really listening and it’s only after they have finished listening that they start to formulate their response.

The irony is many others are afraid of that slight delay with the fear it will give the appearance they aren’t smart enough to think on their feet.

So the people who are really smart are the ones who listen and then formulate their thoughts while others, want to appear to be really smart so they are afraid to delay so they stop listening and fall further behind.

Do you listen?

Have a great day!


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