A few nights ago we had 5 people sitting around talking after dinner and the discussion lasted around 3 hours. The topics ranged from politics to religion (both of which are topics most people try to avoid due to the sensitivity of the topics). Some things stood out in this discussion;

The others involved in this conversation were much better informed on these topics than me.
There was no concern with offending someone because of a difference in opinion because each person involved realized it was a free exchange of opinions and ideas and NOT a personal attack on another person.
There was no technology involved. No one was watching TV or checking out Facebook or Twitter.
While I didn’t always agree with everyones opinion, it was refreshing to consider other views.

My takeaway from the conversation was the following:

I wish I was better informed on these types of topics.
I wish more evenings were spent involved with in depth discussions.

The neat thing is both of these takeaways are things I can control.

When you look at what you are spending your time doing, what are your takeaways? What are you going to do about them?

Have a great day!


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