The 75% Review

Yesterday I did a 75% review with a client. This simply means doing a review of a project when it’s 75% done.

The logic behind this is when you are 75% done with a project you typically have something you can show. It might not be fully functional but typically the flow can be seen, the logic is apparent, the look is obvious. At the 75% period, if you review the project with others, people can have input, modifications can be requested and final decisions can be made.

If you wait till the project is 100% done it’s frequently much more difficult to make changes and also much more costly.

In this particular case, we are developing a distance learning module for a company to use with their initial hires. While going through the 75% review they realized they forgot to ask for something in the original specs. If we had waited till the end and then had to make this change, it would have added a few days and a few thousand dollars to the project. By making the request at the 75% stage it added, at most, one hour of added work and no additional expense.

Whether the project is building a house, creating a software program, designing a practice plan for a team or anything else, consider doing a 75% review, they are quite helpful.

Have a great day!


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