Sometimes good is good enough

Recently I called a friend with a suggestion on how he could use his expertise and, combined with some technology that exists, he could start a nice little business. The technology is a program designed by a large company for much bigger projects and this program is a dumbed down version that would work quite well for this person.

After playing around with the program for a bit this person called me and said he thought it would be better to create a similar type program that would be a bit streamlined and would eliminate some features that aren’t needed.

To purchase the program I found would cost less that one thousand dollars. To develop this from scratch would cost around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This is a great example where good is good enough.

Sometimes it would be nice to have something that is perfect for your needs but when there is already something out there that is more than adequate if the cost to develop is prohibitive that go with what is good enough.

Great is wonderful but sometimes good is good enough.

Have a great day!


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