“I know a great house you should look at”.

“I heard about a great hotel you should stay at”.

“I read about a wonderful restaurant you should try”.

“The tripadvisor/Yelp/amazon reviews for that are great, you should try it”.

The problem with these type of statements is they are making some assumptions. First, it assumes I have the same taste as someone else. For example, someone might be recommending a 7500 square foot home and while it might be beautiful, I prefer a 500 square foot home so it’s not for me. Or, some people might rate hotels based on their amenities while I might care more about their location. Or, someone might be recommending a great Italian restaurant and I might not like Italian food.

Even if we like the same things, that doesn’t mean we have the same judgement. A person might know I like Mexican food and they might like it as well but if their accustomed to much higher quality cuisine, we might not agree.

The thing I truly don’t understand is why people are so willing to take strangers recommendations for things. I understand that if I’m looking at reviews for a hotel and they are all negative that probably wouldn’t be one I would want to stay at but to take someones recommendation just because they are willing to express it doesn’t make sense to me.

Does this mean I don’t take other peoples recommendations? No that isn’t what I’m getting at. I very rarely will take a strangers recommendation and even if it’s someone I know well, unless they know my likes and dislikes and have an opinion on that particular subject that I respect, I rarely will care what they say.

If I’m looking at online reviews I tend to ignore the extremes. If a few reviews LOVE it, a few HATE it and the rest think it’s good but not great, I would assume it’s in the good but not great category. It’s too easy for a person or organization to give themselves a high ranking or for a competitor to give them a negative ranking so I ignore the extremes and then would assume it’s toward the middle. This still doesn’t mean I’m going to agree but at least it’s a start.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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