Naive or Ignorant?

Is it too easy to excuse someone for being naive when it’s really ignorance?

Is there really much of a difference?

A person who is a non tech type and non designer who is asked what size font they prefer and responds by saying “what does that mean?’ is naive. This person has no reason to know the differences so while an experienced designer might be surprised by the answer, the truth is the typical person has no reason to know. This person might be looked upon as a bit naive IN THIS SITUATION.

A person claiming to be a professional designer who responds to the same question with the same answer isn’t naive but rather is ignorant. A designer would be expected to know this type of situation.

A person who is learning to cook who asks “what is meant by a pinch of an ingredient” might be considered a bit naive. A person claiming to be an experienced chef who answers the same way would be ignorant.

The point is whether one is naive or ignorant isn’t dependent only upon the situation but also on the experience of the people involved.

A naive person can be easily taught. An ignorant person…might be a different story

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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